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Our Project


Here On Out follows a group of five friends who decide to celebrate their college graduation by going to a cabin in the woods. As hope for the future gives way to fear of the unknown, tensions rise between old friends and new, and they start to suspect that something sinister may be at play.

Why are we making this film?

We are really excited about this project. The story revolves around themes that are very personal to us: the hopes and fears that come with facing the future and the difficulties of reevaluating past friendships after years of growing apart. Our film isn’t pessimistic about these relationships—sometimes your oldest friends are the ones who keep you the most grounded—but it also acknowledges that realizing you’ve grown apart from the people who once knew you best can be sad and sometimes inevitable.

We believe these ideas are universal and easily accessible. Who hasn’t felt like the person they once considered a close friend has grown apart from them? Who doesn’t know the feeling of both excitement and dread towards an imminent, irreversible transition? We think our film will be something many people will be able to connect to, and be entertained by.

We view this film as a great opportunity to challenge and express ourselves in ways many people can identify with, especially in today's world which is changing so rapidly and in unprecedented ways. Please help us make our dream a reality!

About the Film

The Characters


Francis just graduated from college and is incredibly excited about her plans to pursue journalism in New York City. A very driven perfectionist, she needs to feel in control to be happy.


Two years after dropping out of college, Hal has been working at a local movie theater and is still unsure what he wants to do with his life, unlike his sister Francis. Though he often goofed off in high school with his best friend Terry, he wants to prove that he is independent and capable.


Spunky and outgoing, Lauren plans on working at an outdoor education center. Francis’ best friend from college, she and Hal have developed a romantic spark.


Francis’ childhood friend, Barb grew more popular in high school, drawing a wedge between them that was only magnified in college. After graduation, she hopes to rekindle their friendship.


Unambitious yet easy going, Terry drank and smoked his way through college. After graduation he plans to move to St. Louis to work at his father’s bank.

The Story

Coming home after her graduation, Francis was excited to spend the weekend at her family’s cabin with her college friend Lauren and her childhood friend Barb. She wasn’t planning on her brother Hal and his best friend Terry also joining them, but Lauren, who has developed a crush on Hal since he visited Francis in college, is more than happy to include them.

At the cabin, things start out rough for almost everyone—the budding romance between Hal and Lauren has Francis upset. Barb, who hopes to rekindle her distant relationship with Francis, is feeling threatened by Lauren’s presence. And Terry, who is starting to suspect that Hal might not be as committed to his plans to move in with Terry as he has let on, wants to remind his best friend how much fun they’ve had together.

Finally though, they manage to get in the groove of things and settle in for a fun weekend away from the rest of the world. That’s when they get a mysterious knock on the door—and things take a turn for the worse.


Nicole Bloom

- as Francis

In addition to her work on stage, Nicole has appeared on screen for film, television and commercials. Film and television credits include: The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC) and Stereotypically You (Red Square Pictures). Nicole is looking forward to continuing her work in film, television and theaters as opportunities arrive. She is sometimes not 100% prompt in sending bios.

Austin Larkin

- as Hal

Austin was most recently seen on screen as Sean in the short film "Stay and Run," for which he won Best Actor along with his co-star Rebecca Hurd at Trinity Film Festival. He has been a member of Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre's acting company for the past two seasons, during which he performed in Twelfth Night (Sebastian), As You Like It (Silvius), Merry Wives of Windsor (Fenton/Nym), and West Side Story (Baby John). He is currently finishing his BFA in Acting at Elon University.

Fergie Philippe

- as Terry

Fergie is a senior music theatre major. He plans to potentially move to New York after school. Fergie is also a director and writer, primarily in poetry. Insta: @fergsters

Claire Lord

- as Barbara

Claire is a sophomore BFA Acting major from St. Louis Missouri and is thrilled to be working on this beautiful creation! Elon Credits: Mrs. Kirby (You Can’t Take It With You), The Widow of Florence (All’s Well That Ends Well), Amanda u/s/ Assistant Director ( The Glass Menagerie). Love to Dad, Mom, Anne, and Grandma and Grandpa Mehan.

Tess Tregellas

- as Lauren

Tess is sophomore earning her B.F.A in acting at Elon University. Her favorite roles include, Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd), Celemine (School for Lies), Kristine (Chorus Line) and performing in the Vagina Monologues. She is also featured in Elon Tonight Season 8 and performed in an improve group Instant Laughter. She is thrilled to be making her film debut as Lauren in Here On Out.

What the Money Goes To

We wrote the script with a low budget in mind, crafting it around resources we have available to us. We have access to actors and some equipment, including a RED Scarlet camera, from Elon University (Liam and Chris’ alma mater). This has helped significantly cut down on costs. But, we still have a ton of expenses, including all of the necessary equipment, filming locations, and feeding our cast and crew. To see more about what we need money for, and what it will be going towards, see below.


We created the story while considering the importance of keeping our filming locations to a minimum. The film will have only a few major locations, including a cabin that we will be renting through AirBnb, a movie theater, a coffee shop, and a                                    couple homes of the characters.


We are trying to cast people who are similarly passionate about creating the film, and not requiring a significant salary. That being said, we hope to be able to pay all of our actors included in the film, but it is dependent upon successful funding and                                    execution.


Filmmaking, of course, involves a very extensive list of gear and equipment needed to make the magic happen. We are trying to keep our equipment costs to a minimum by using our available resources and minimizing excessive costs, but the reality is that film equipment does not come without expense. We will need to pay to rent and purchase a variety of things ranging from lenses, to audio equipment, to camera stabilization.

Feeding Cast & Crew

When forming a budget for the film, we were amazed to see how much it really costs to feed a bulk amount of people, multiple meals, for many days of shooting. While it is obviously important to keep everyone alive on set, we hope to go above and beyond in providing for our actors and crew in hopes of receiving the best energy possible on and off the screen. As shown below, this is a very major portion of the expenses we will have during filming.


While it isn't a largely significant portion of the budget, transportation will add unavoidable expenses through having to transport cast, crew, and equipment to and from locations.


While we are extremely excited to have access to a RED camera for our feature, due to it's amazing video quality, this will also add to the total file storage we will need throughout and following shooting. We will need multiple terabytes of                                    hard-drives to store and back up the footage from filming.

Previous Work

Stay & Run

Tri Ciga



What do you want to do with this movie after its made?

We of course want to share it with the people that helped us make it. After that, we will be entering into many different film festivals across the country and hopefully be accepted to one or many of them.

If I don't want to donate online, can I donate using a check?

Yes! If you would prefer to donate using a check, please let us know that you are doing so ahead of time so we can be on the lookout. Get in touch with one of us directly or email us at All checks can be mailed to 4005 Pepperbush Dr, Greensboro, NC 27405.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can email us all at, contact us through the 'Here On Out' Facebook page, or contact us individually on Facebook.

When will the rewards be delivered?

Depends on the reward, but expect most promotional items to be ready mid-to-late this year, and items dependent upon the film to be ready early next year.

Which one of you is the best dancer?

It's a three way tie for last, but we have a lot of heart

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Our team

The three of us spent time together in LA working at separate internships in the film industry. After graduating from college, we moved to Greensboro, North Carolina with the plan to make our first feature film. Over the past year, we have been supporting ourselves with part-time jobs while focusing the rest of our time on developing the film.

Here’s some more about us:

Liam HallDirector / Writer

Liam Hall hails from Austin, Texas and graduated from Elon University with a B.A. in cinema studies. He co-wrote, co-directed and co-edited Tri Ciga, and directed the award-winning short film Stay and Run. He once wrapped a pizza around a burrito for science and his favorite existential animated show is Bojack Horseman.

Matias BreuerDirector / Writer

Matias Breuer was born in Asuncion, Paraguay and is half Lebanese. He graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in film. He also co-wrote, co-directed, and co-edited the award winning short film Tri Ciga. He loves chicken more than anything, and his favorite television series adapted from an original movie is Fargo.

Chris CarterDirector of Photography / Editor

Chris Carter is a native of Advance, North Carolina who graduated from Elon University with a B.A. in cinema and television arts. He was the cinematographer for Stay and Run, and is co-founder of the production company The Lost Shop. He has the food preferences of an adventurous small child but is slowly trying to nudge them into pre-teen territory. He also can no longer hear Liam Neeson’s voice without picturing a Lego character.

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